Tuesday, 10 June 2014


"It's time",the doctor placed his hand on 
his shoulder, a gentle squeeze, just 
enough to register his sympathy.

The machines beeped and hummed 
as he took his wife's hand, a 
lump in his throat. 

This moment had been coming for 
a long time, bloody cancer. She 
was only 37, too young for this. 

As he sat, she took her last 
breath, a groan and a sigh, and 
the machines fell silent. 

In the silence he sobbed alone. 

D Day

Swirling waters black with crafts
Skies filled with silk
As the sun rose, men in their
droves threw themselves
forward onto sandy ground.
Hot metal swarmed around
them as bodies fell limply
to the floor. Slowly they
advanced searching for the
safety of the sea wall.
Gradually they pushed the
enemy back,  turning the tide
for those left at home.
Their sacrifice and bravery
allows us to live freely
Many didn't return and as
the sun sets and in the morning
We WILL remember them

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


The skies are in a great
mood today. Big white fluffy
clouds meander aimlessly
without a care in the world.
Not like yesterday. Somebody
must have upset them yesterday.
They were in a foul mood,
Angry, black and growling,
raging across an unlit room,
spitting their venom at anyone
who got in their way. I tried
playing music to soothe them,
but the soft notes failed. A
good night's sleep did the